TT-Subscribe WordPress Plugin

Hello there everyone!

TT – Subscribe plugin is my very first plugin project!┬áThis plugin is a simplified subscription box that is totally customizable. This is on its infant stages so don’t be so harsh please. Now on its Version two point ohh (v2.0)!

It currently includes facebook, twitter, google plus and feedburner.

Other social media links will be included soon.

Thanks :)


Download link here.
Wordpress SVN here.

NEW!!! Updates:

  1. Shortcodes: `[tt_subscribe]`
  2. Widget: `TT-Subscribe`
  3. Fixed layout on content area
  4. Customizable header color


  1. If you want me to add more social media links here, please do suggest on the support area!
  2. If you do like this plugin, please do write a review!
  3. Thank you all for your patronage!
  4. This is a FREE PLUGIN!


  1. Upload `tt-subscribe` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. NEW!!! There are 3 ways to include TT-Subscribe to your WordPress Site! Here are your Options:
  1. Place `< ?php do_action(‘tt_subscribe’); ? >` in your templates
  2. NEW!!! Add shortcode `[tt_subscribe]` to your Posts or Pages.
  3. NEW!!! Drag and drop widget called `TT-Subscribe` to your Theme.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I change the settings?
A: You can change the settings in the Dashboard -> TT Subscribe menu.


1. A Shortcode has been added to this plugin.
1.1. To add the shortcode to your Posts / Pages please include the code `[tt_subscribe]`
2. A Widget has been added to this plugin.
2.1. To add the widget to your Theme please drag and drop the `TT-Subscribe` widget to your desired location on the theme.

Upgrade notice

NEW!!! Version 2.0 is Out!!!

You can easily overwrite your existing TT-Subscribe plugin with this new one!

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